What is Digi-Novel?

The Art of Digi-novel: The Unique Way of Telling Stories Through Digital Media

A New Way to Tell a Story

A digital novel allows the story to be broken down into multiple episodes that enable photos to be seen one after the other in a linear fashion. This allows the viewers to feel like as if they are watching a movie, or following along with a television series.

Unlike traditional novels, digi-novels allow viewers to essentially skip around and explore different parts of the novel as they wish. For example, you may want to watch the second episode before watching the first episode since you want to learn more about one of the main characters. With digi-novels, it’s easy for viewers to pick up where they left off or start over at any point during their watching journey. And since digi-novels are only about five minutes long each, viewers won’t have any trouble taking care of this task quickly and easily.

This is perfect for time-pressed viewers who need something quick but exciting which would take them on an adventure from the beginning to the end. It’s also perfect for those who don’t have time for long books that require extensive effort in order for them to get through them quickly without.

Digi-novels in the Past

The photo-novel combines the elements of a novel with the power of photography to create something that is entirely new. However, not all photo-novels are created equal. Some are so full of pictures that they feel like an art exhibit, while others rely on pictures for emotional impact. When done correctly, the result is an experience that is more than just words and images combined.

The art of storytelling has been around for centuries. People have always looked for new, interesting ways to tell their stories. One of the most common forms of storytelling is the graphic novel. With the evolution in technology, there are more and more graphic novels available today.

Graphic novels have been a popular form of storytelling since they first appeared in the 1950s and continue to be popular in recent years due to the interactive element they offer. They break down large novels into chapters that can be read chapter by chapter or all at once. As you read each one, you’re taken on a journey through the world of the story until you reach its ending. It’s a unique way of telling stories that is sure to appeal to both avid readers and multimedia enthusiasts alike.

Example: NFT Digi-novel Project “POZ”

“Poz” is the world’s first ever NFT digital novel. Written and directed by the famous Turkish actress/artist Nurgül Yeşilçay, this 7 episode mini digi-novel series is created by combinations of very unique photographs with dubbing, music, special effects and subtitles. You may check the project from Foundation Platform for NFTs: https://foundation.app/@nrglyslcy


Digital media has several ways to tell a story. The most popular one is the novel. There is a reason that the novel is still one of the most popular mediums of storytelling today.

But digi-novels have some unique characteristics that allow them to appeal to a wider audience.

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