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World's 1st nft digital novel

The project “Poz” is a 7 episode mini digi-novel series which is written and directed by the famous Turkish actor/artist Nurgül Yeşilçay. Every episode is 3-4 minutes long and created by combination of photographs. Every episode of the project will be distributed through NFT platforms by limited numbers. At the same time, every photograph in each of this episode will be unique and will be edited by photo manipulation technique. These unique pieces of art will be also available for collectors.

Story: Our upper-middle class couple Harun and Suzan lives an ordinary life with their son. However, Harun feels in love with an artist girl and thinks that Suzan is not aware of it. On the contrary, Suzan is aware of everything…

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Nurgül Yeşilçay's Bloomberg HT interview about project


Webrazzi Interview

Press Release

The first digital-novel of the world was made by renowned Turkish actress Nurgül Yeşilçay. NFT has gained huge popularity in the Turkish creative community. Many musicians, caricatures, and a famous Turkish actress have started working on their own NFT projects.

Nurgül Yeşilcay will produce the first digital novel project ever launched by NFT.

Based on her depth of experience in both the film and art industries, she has taken the crucial step to becoming a permanent member of the NFT world.

The project, called Poz, consists of 7 (seven) different episodes, but a huge amount of effort and dedication was put behind it. The idea was inspired by the old famous Italian photo novels.

By combining the idea of traditional photographic storytelling with the idea of photo manipulation, Nurgül Yeşilçay combines traditional storytelling with technology, which includes such terms as “photo manipulation”, “photo-montage”.

She describes her fascination with photography by claiming that photography is an effective way to tell a story since it highlights the image and the object better. Inspired by photo novels from the 1970s, she adapts the concept to the digital age.

The Ganzfeld experiment conducted in the 1970s shows that what we see and experience appears uninterrupted. Our brains are so clever that they can fill the gaps between the frames instantly. To an extent, photos are more effective as communication tools than films because the picture provides a more vivid sense of place and time.

Originally titled “Poz”, the project draws its inspiration from the psychological state of a family in the middle-upper class. Edgar Keret stated, “the middle class is stuck there in the middle: without the economic power required to oil the system, but with just enough to worry about losing what it has. That’s why they’ve been milking us dry for years”.

In a pioneering project, Nurgül Yeşilçay’s experience in the film industry allows her to push the boundaries of photography, art, digital art, photo manipulation, and new media technology, NFT.
An exclusive project was released in November 2021 will only be made available to 50 (fifty) people.

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