Episode 1

1st Episode Teaser

Photo Arts from 1st Episode


A beautiful mortal who fell victim to a delusion... A woman whose beauty is rather a punishment than a reward. She wouldn't have wanted to be a God's erotomania for sure . Neither would she have wanted to be stuck into the body of an ice- cold stone like creature. Hence she becomes acquainted with rage and her eyes become acquainted with flashing fierce light.

Chain - Buse Çelik


Increased age, decreased testosterone level… Increased temper, decreased confidence… Andropause descends over men like a curse. He gets dragged in pursuit of his lost power and his potency. Outside his home, he gets lost in another red lipstick, another skin, a strand of hair. So, he lets himself go with the flow, getting out of the picture.

Clouds - Kubilay Tunçer


The man was so happy that he had lowered the clouds down to earth- beside him..The clouds surrounded all around him, until he saw no one else but the one who took him up the sky, nor he felt no other feeling but the one which ascended him there.

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